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A Year in the Life of Stewart the Bunny!
A Rabbit Unlike Most!

Hi!, I'm Stewart!Hi everybunny! Welcome to my official home, Stewart and Friends. So nice to see you.

My name is Stewart, Stewart the Bunny! Pull up a carrot  and stay for a visit. I have soooo many stories and songs to share with you.

Have you ever met a very sleepy, snorey Groundhog and tried to help him find his naughty shadow? I have! From narrowly escaping a mean, hungry, sly fox, to learning how to skate on the frozen forest pond on wobbly paws; from catching itchy, twitchy chicken pox, to speeding down a very big hill with a runaway sled and a bird perched on my head, I've had carrot loads of adventures!

Hop with me through "A Year in the Life of a Rabbit". We're gonna have soooo much fun! Bounce through my MP3 Stories and Songs to Download page to find my stories and songs that you can purchase and download, then follow the rest of the carrots  to explore.

The stories and songs available here are downloadable MP3 files that you can purchase and download for your enjoyment.

The three items below are free samples that you can listen to, so you can get an idea of what the rest of the stories and songs are like.

Click the Play Play buttons (below) to listen to my theme song "Friends", my introductory story and the song I sing to Courtney in gratitude for all she's done for me!

Friends (song) - 5.01 Mb - 2:11 long


The Adventures Begin (story) - 10.4 Mb - 4:34 long


Stewart's Lullaby (song) - 3.37 Mb - 1:28 long


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