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"Stewart and Friends" is a small cottage industry, created by Courtney Lynn Michaels. To date, she has written twenty nostalgic stories and twenty accompanying songs, professionally recorded in ambient detail, about a little rabbit named Stewart. Each story hops along in playful rhyme. The stories are charmingly comical and a few will keep you on the edge of your seat before hopping to a place of safety. The songs, sung by Stewart, are engaging and will keep your toes tapping!

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Stewart's adventures are about determination and not giving up on your dreams. They are about love, friendship, following your heart and finding laughter and enjoyment in everyday life. Stewart reminds us not to take life too seriously as he shows us how to find funny solutions to some of life's annoying problems. Yet he also teaches us not to dwell on past sorrow and loss. With love and friendship, we can start afresh and make our way through challenges and difficult times.

The first story, "The Adventures Begin", tells how Courtney rescues Stewart and how life and opportunities open up before him. Out of gratitude for all Courtney has done for him, Stewart sings a lullaby to Courtney at the end of this story. Go to the home page to listen to this intruductory story and song for FREE!

The stories in "The Adventures of Stewart the Bunny" follow the little rabbit throughout each month of a year. Some of Stewart's adventures include attending and graduating from Carrot Academy, bravely coping with a very bad case of chicken pox and even opening up a Hare Dressing Salon! Well, these are just a very few of his adventures. You really should check out each month on his Calendar page to see what Stewart gets up to. After all, he is "a rabbit unlike most." Click here to find stories and songs you can purchase from his Calendar page.

Each year, Courtney paints new pictures for a Stewart the Bunny calendar, "A Year in the Life of a Rabbit". The calendar is Stewart's personal itinerary. Please excuse his spelling mistakes. Being a cottage industry, each calendar is personally hand bound and tied with a coloured string. Click here to purchase a Calendar from the Products page.

Over the years, some of Stewart's stories and songs have been played on CBC and CJTK Radio in Sudbury.

Courtney is currently painting pictures to accompany each story for a book.

From the animals in the stories to the sounds of nature, from the changing seasons to celebrations, this is a truly Canadian series. "The Adventures Of Stewart The Bunny" are NOT just for the young. The stories take place in a bygone era of "Once upon a time," where life was simpler, easily recognizable to an older audience and perhaps for many of us, what we long for today.

The Talent Behind The Scenes:

Thank you to all the beautiful people in my life, each contributing their own special talent to "The Adventures of Stewart the Bunny" and helping to make my dream come true. I couldn't have done it without each of you.

Shawn Pitzel:  Professionally recorded at Mission Studios in Sudbury, Ontario Canada, multiple Juno Nominated Record Producer/Engineer and talented musician, Shawn Pitzel, has been integral to the project. Having worked together since 1996 on Courtney's first audio cassette, Shawn has continued to be devoted to the enterprise. (Yes, he's also a BIG Star Trek and Star Wars fan!) Adding all the background sounds to the stories, as an audio professional with impeccable hearing, Shawn brings great detail to each story. He also takes the bones of Courtney's melody for each song and gets carried away on his keyboard, bringing each song to life. His high energy and playfulness shines through as he engages his musical intuition for the characters in Stewart's band, "The Meadowside Jamboree Jammers". He is also the voice of Professor Jack Fuzzyfoot in "School Days".

Don Reed:  A huge thanks to Sudbury's Don Reed for sharing his incredible talent. Three time North American Fiddle Champion, and studio musician, Don loaned his violin flair to Stewart's Christmas story, "Stewart Meets Baby Jesus", and his lively mandolin rendition in "On My Incredible Farm".

Pastor Jeremy Mahood:  Senior Pastor at All Nations Church in Sudbury, the late Pastor Jeremy Mahood is the unique voice of Stewart's Grandpa in Stewart's Remembrance Day story, "Remembering". So grateful to him. He is greatly missed!

Jacinthe Trudeau:  1996 Canadian Jr. Fiddle Champion, 1998 Canadian Fiddler Entertainer of the Year, Winner of the 2000 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Best Folk Album, studio musician, teacher and performer. Thank you Jacinthe for listening to Stewart belt out his great many songs to you. Even with Stewart sometimes singing off key, you were able to, in record breaking speed, write out all the music for each of his songs so they could be compiled for "Stewart's Music Book."

Shawn Perras:  An accomplished Professional Musician in all genres, check out Shawn's drumming in Stewart's Pop/Jazz number, "I'm Thankful." He nailed it.

Chris Bloome:  Retired Biologist, Laurentian University, and President of the Sudbury Ornithological Society. Much appreciation to Chris who kindly helped me identify many of the bird calls I recorded over the span of two winters for Stewart the Bunny's story "Birdwatching". Coming Soon!

Doug Netzke:  Owner of Micro Solutions of Sudbury and webmaster for this site. Thank you, for putting together this long awaited website.

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