Courtney Lynn Michaels:

Courtney lives in a very old cottage in the woods. She keeps chickens and bees and enjoys working in her gardens. In winter, she sits by her parlour stove penning Stewart's adventures, reading, knitting, painting and drinking tea.

Stewart the Bunny:

Stewart is a playful, charming, cute, kind, polite and inquisitive little rabbit. Though well educated, he is far from conceited or egotistical. He feels shy about his accomplishments.

His motto is,
"If you can't do something really well, at least do it with great enthusiasm!"

Stewart's Home:

Stewart lives at "#A1 Rabbit Hole". Tunnels lead to Courtney's root cellar and under the ironing board cupboard in her kitchen. His home is well equipped with antique furnishings and old kitchen utensils. In many ways, Stewart's home mirrors Courtney's cottage. As Courtney's garden is just above Stewart's kitchen, he can easily help himself to carrots by pulling them down from underground.

Chester Chick-a-Dee:

A black capped chick-a-dee, Chester is Stew's "bestest" friend and often comes to Stewart's rescue.

Doc Otter:

A very dignified, elderly, kind and knowledgeable physician, he is always looking through his monocle. Wearing a Harris Tweed suit and vest, he wouldn't be caught without his pocket watch.

Buck Beaver:

A friendly beaver who lives at "Pondview Lodge" in the creek by Courtney's cottage, near where Stewart was rescued by Courtney. Buck loves to skate and has mastered the Sit Spin.

Peggy Pigeon:

The Proprietor of My Coop General Store, she is a big bosomed, motherly form who always wears a well starched apron and likes to host tea parties. A very good figure skater, Stewart is impressed with her Flying Camel Spin.

Sly Fox:

His very name denotes his character. After Sly Fox gobbles up Stewart's folk he threatens Stewart.


Stewart's Grandpa vacations each winter in Tampa Florida so is unavailable to take Stewart in when tragedy strikes. Throughout the other seasons, Grandpa lives down his rabbit hole which is situated twelve hops from Courtney's cottage. Although he loves Stewart, he is not up to raising a young buck. He is very old and wise. He has a long white beard. Once, Stewart made his Grandpa disappear! But not on purpose.


Itsy is a tiny meadow vole with big personality. He loves being a Superhero and wears a maple leaf cape. He's very brave and even fights dragons!

Willie Groundhog:

Willie is a very handsome groundhog, wearing a black silk top hat, black tuxedo coat with tails, a green velvet waistcoat and a red cravat. He is always very tired.

Willie's Shadow:

Hiding behind trees, rebellious Shadow laughs at Willie Groundhog, and refuses to come out of hiding, for he is bored of sleep and wants to run, skip and play.

Mean Old Wind:

Wind can be very wild and blustery. Wind sometimes sneaks up, then speeds away with Stewart's toys, like his blue balloon and his kite. When wind feels very naughty, he throws dirt. Mean Old Wind sure puffs out his cheeks and blasts anyone in his path.

Dark and fast, kicking up debris and knocking things over, he is rather rude.