About Pet Rabbits!

If you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit, please do your research beforehand, to ensure this animal is right for you. Rabbits make delightful pets, however, be aware that rabbits are constant chewers! Rabbits can be very timid. They also need a lot of space in a safe environment, (rabbit proofed) to run and jump. They are not an ideal pet for many young children as rabbits do not like to be picked up or cuddled. Please, always supervise your child with a rabbit. Also, if you do get a rabbit, contact a veterinarian to ensure it is healthy. A vet can also give you guidance as to what to feed it and how to take care of your new pet.

I have owned pet rabbits for most of my adult life. My current pet rabbit, Stewart, is fed an endless supply of timothy hay and fresh water. He enjoys fresh greens and herbs and also gets a small daily helping of rabbit pellets. Occasionally, he is given a treat of fruit, a small slice of banana, apple etc, (the size of his paw). Rabbit's tummies are very sensitive and the wrong food, or even too much of a treat, can make them very ill. Some food is poisonous to them. You will need to learn which vegetables and fruit are safe. Carrots are NOT good for rabbits as they contain a lot of sugar. Carrots can be given to a rabbit on an occasional basis as a treat. Again, keep the bit of carrot the size of the rabbit's paw to avoid tummy upsets.

To help you with rabbit questions, there is very good information contained on the website:  House Rabbit Society

Rabbits as Pets